From 2024, Central Malley will provide around 20 single units on the ground floor of the buildings ranging from 43 to 737m2, designed for shops, restaurants and local services.

In figures

  • 3,800m2 of commercial unit space
  • Areas from 43 to 737 m2
  • Available from 2024


Floor Surface Reference Availability Plan
RDC59 m2A1.ET0.C1availablePlan
RDC246 m2A1.ET0.C2availablePlan
18145 m2A1.ET18.C1availablePlan
RDC201 m2A2.ET0.C1availablePlan
RDC242 m2A2.ET0.C2availablePlan
RDC150 m2A2.ET0.C3availablePlan
RDC150 m2A2.ET0.C4availablePlan
RDC258 m2A3.ET0.C1availablePlan
RDC181 m2A3.ET0.C2availablePlan
RDC76 m2B1.ET0.C1availablePlan
RDC156 m2B1.ET0.C2availablePlan
RDC77 m2B1.ET0.C3availablePlan
RDC125 m2B1.ET0.C4availablePlan
RDC97 m2B1.ET0.C5availablePlan
RDC60 m2B1.ET0.C6availablePlan
RDC43 m2B1.ET0.C7availablePlan
RDC258 m2B1.ET0.C8availablePlan
RDC71 m2B2.ET0.C1availablePlan
RDC105 m2B2.ET0.C2availablePlan
RDC224 m2B2.ET0.C3availablePlan
RDC737 m2B2.ET0.C4availablePlan
RDC142 m2B2.ET0.C5availablePlan
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